(Kids) Workout Wednesday: “The Park”

IMG_7569Yesterday SHOULD have been a pool day here in the Midwest, but not surprisingly our weather didn’t quite cooperate!  The sun never came out & when we should have been packing our cooler & towels, we were watching huge patches of green move into the radar, coming straight towards central Indiana!  I KNEW we needed to get out of the house yesterday as we had spent most of the day home on Monday, so a light bulb went off in my head, as I remembered a conversation I had heard about the FREE indoor “Park” at Trader’s Point Christian Church.  It’s not really close to our side of town, but in desperation to “GET OUT” of the house I texted my good friend Tracy suggesting that we take a road trip with our kids to check this place out.  So, that’s just what we did – put all 5 kiddos in the car & road-tripped to Whitestown, Indiana to check “The Park” out!  (I say road-tripped as if we went to Ohio for this, when in reality Whitestown is outside of Zionsville & only 32 minutes away from the house.  Take me out of my Hamilton County bubble, and anything is a road trip – true story!)

Here is what we walked in to discover……


Yes, THIS along with basketball courts, climbing walls, a small area for younger kiddies & even a special area designated for children with special needs (a full map of the park can be found on the website link!).  It was JUST what our cooped up kiddies needed!  We “socked them up” (socks are required for play) & let them loose!  For close to 2 hours our kiddies (ages ranging from 5 -8) ran, jumped, climbed, slid & chased through this huge jungle gym!  It was exactly what the doctor ordered!  When I posted a pic on Instagram yesterday I included the hashtag “#nostarbucks” because Tracy and I joked about how a Starbucks INSIDE the church would be a goldmine with all of the parents who are just left to sit (or stand) & watch their kiddies!

What could have been a very long, boring day quickly turned into a fun, adventurous day with friends!  If you live in the Indianapolis area & have kiddies who need to burn some energy, DEFINITELY check Trader’s Point Park out….and maybe pick up a coffee on your way!


xoxo – Jamie


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