FNP: Friday Night Pizza

We started a fun tradition at our house about a year or so ago – making homemade pizzas on Friday nights.  That tradition has grown to include guests (mostly arriving via golf cart in our backyard “parking lot”) this summer & it’s been so much fun!


For a while I was using a “crust” from The Fresh Market which wasn’t even really a crust at all…..it was called “panini bread” & was found next to their homemade breads, near the deli & meat counter.  Unfortunately TFM has discontinued this perfect crust & we’ve had to seek out what we currently go between…..a SUPER thin personal-sized crust by Kroger OR Flat Out bread.  While we’ve grilled our pizzas with great success, the KEY we’ve found whether they are grilled or baked in the oven is PRE-baking the crust with a drizzle of olive oil BEFORE topping (450 degree oven until crust starts to brown a bit).  This allows the crust to get crisp before you load on the toppings.  That brings me to the toppings…..so, we have a standard supreme combo that has been a group favorite all summer & it goes a little something like this:  some type of sugar-free marinara or tomato basil sauce, Fresh Thyme hot Italian chicken sausage (taken out of the casing & browned), a mix of red pepper, green pepper & red onion (also sauteed with garlic, s/p and olive oil, banana peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella (for the guests & fam), fresh Parmesan (for me) & sprinkled with fresh basil, oregano & red pepper flakes.  We bake at 450 with the toppings until the cheese is melted & crust is browned.  It’s always perfection!  Our growing Friday night guest list is a true testament to this!  Tonight I’m preparing to do pizzas for 8!  Of course, our younger guests prefer the basics….turkey pepperoni (I used Boar’s Head) or even “just cheese, ” but I aim to please all!


Do you have a designated “pizza night” at your house?  Do you carry out or maybe even have a favorite local pizza restaurant you frequent regularly?  A few of our favorites here in Indy are:  Brixx (in Fishers), Puccinis, Bazbeaux & Napolese.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!  It’s time to get my sleeping beauty MOVING here… FNP awaits!

xoxo – Jamie


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