Girls Only!


Today we dropped big brother off with Mimi & enjoyed a girl’s afternoon.  I’m not sure what it’s like in your house, but we’ve discovered that 8 year old boys do NOT like ANYTHING involving stores or shopping!  Us gals, on the other hand, absolutely love anything associated with both!  Course, let’s be honest, I really don’t shop a ton….I’d love to, but until that money tree starts sprouting out back…..I have to be really careful about what I spend & where I shop. I’ve become a pretty decent bargain-hunter over the years & have also been known to visit at least 3 grocery stores just to get the best prices on what I’m buying for the week (it’s exhausting, but almost a challenge I love anymore).  Anyway, all that said – today the gal & I got a full afternoon of browsing in together & we had so much fun!  Since it’s like a zillion degrees in the shade here in the Midwest, we settled on frozen yogurt for lunch & ran through Nordstrom to make a return & make sure we didn’t miss anything super fabulous from their Anniversary Sale.  We probably spent most of our time in the children’s department because my girl LOVES to try on clothes!  (See above – she LOVES dressing rooms!)  Know what we walked out with?  Two things (for her):  the CUTEST pair of TOMS for school & the Tucker & Tate dress she’s sporting in the pic above.  That’s it!  From there we scooted on to Trader Joe’s (another place Mac loathes) & picked up some of the staple items I get there that I know I can’t get anywhere else (sun-dried tomatoes, jarred pitted kalamata olives, canned artichoke hearts, Mediterranean blend hummus, Trader Joe’s O’s, organic 4 cheese ravioli, spinach & kale dip, flax & chia peanut butter & those darn yogurt star cookies!)    Here’s a quick glimpse of those items I LOVE from TJ’s:

trader joesUs gals are back home now & heading out the door to gymnastics soon!  I want to know, though, do you have any staple items from Trader Joe’s?  What can’t you pass up or MUST you get whenever you go?  I’d love to hear from you!

xoxo – Jamie


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