Workout Wednesday: My Fave Gear (on a budget)

If you’re like me you find a style or outfit you like & you put it on repeat until another one catches your fancy.  This summer I’ve sported the same outfit “uniform” almost daily as I’ve been home with the kiddies – just as I’m sure I’ll sport my fave cropped skinnies, tank & cardi this fall.  The same holds true when it comes to workout clothes – which I love, but also HATE to buy.  Have you seen some of the prices?  $60 for a tank?  $80 for crops?  No thanks!  In fact, I wear workout clothes so regularly, I had to find some pieces that didn’t break the bank.  That said, I do believe in making investments on certain items – these are things I know I’ll wear for years & frequently.  My favorite Lululemon Scuba Hoodie & Studio Pants are examples of true “investments.”  I’ve had my fave scuba hoodie AND pair of studio pants for YEARS & they are the gifts that just keep on giving!  My other stuff?  Well, I always manage to pull the plug on these items when they are on sale.  I know that Zella will ALWAYS be part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale….along with my favorite Nike training shoes, so I wait for the sale to purchase.  The Old Navy Activewear?  Well, I feel like there is always a sale on Old Navy stuff, so I can’t remember ever paying full price on these things.  The Athleta?  Again, I wait for sales & in fact, I scooped up two of my favorite Shadow Stripe Chi tanks for less than $25 during their annual sale!

So, check out a group of my faves – links below!  I’m rushing, as usual, to get my kiddies up & out the door to class!  Hope everyone has a great Workout Wednesday!

Workout Wednesday - Clothes

  1.  Old Navy Go-Dry Running Shorts
  2. Zella Live In Crop Leggings
  3. Nike Free TR Fit 6’s
  4. Lululemon Scuba Hoodie III
  5. Athleta Shadow Stripe Chi Tank
  6. Lululemon Studio Pant III
  7. Old Navy Go-Dry Graphic Tank
  8. Athleta Chaturanga Capri
  9. Zella Speedster Shorts (They JUST brought these back….they are my absolute favorite!  I picked them up before our Disney trip last summer & I’ve worn them like crazy every since!  Too bad I’ll have to wait until they are on sale to get another pair!)

xoxo – Jamie


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