It’s no secret – if you know me at all, or even just follow me on Instagram or Facebook…..I LOVE salads.  I will choose a salad over just about any meal & have spent years perfecting different types of salads & their ingredients.  I have phases where I only do romaine with Tex Mex style ingredients, then there are other times I can’t eat a salad without olives and sun-dried tomatoes.  Do I ever feel deprived eating salads as the main course of my lunches / dinners?  Heck no!  I think my salads are hearty & full of nutrition. Are you curious whether I stick with salads when I eat out or am on vacation?  Yep, I sure do – just because I’m out or on vacation does not mean that I really eat differently… eating is very automated & actually comfortable.  In fact, when I eat out OR am on vacation, I might splurge here or there on things my family orders to share (crab cakes, calamari (yum) and the random dessert), but when given a menu, I always seek out a hearty salad that contains the following:  a lean protein (chicken or some type of fresh seafood – blackened grouper is my FAVE when in Florida), colorful veggies (peppers, tomatoes, different kinds of greens), something with crunch-factor (sunflower seeds, pepitas, nuts (UN-candied….those are danger), a healthy fat like avocado or even occasionally a cheese like feta or blue,  and a fresh tasty dressing (homemade vinaigrettes are my favorite).  In fact, take this salad from our trip to St. Pete Beach last summer… is perfect example of exactly how I stick to my “usual” way of eating while on vacation/traveling:  romaine, cucumbers, red onion, tomatoes, carrots, sunflower seeds, a bit of feta, blackened shrimp & vinaigrette.  Perfection!

IMG_2696Not much changes about this picture when we eat out here in Indy either!  Last night we took the kiddies out to dinner at Maggianos (I had been craving a glass of wine & chopped salad on their patio all summer) before heading to the airport to pick my Dad up & here’s what my meal looked like: romaine, tomatoes, blue cheese, prosciutto, avocado & chicken.  It was amazing!  (Not to mention my kids were amazed when my glass of wine came with an “M” for “Mom” on it!  Haha!)

eating out

Are you a fellow salad (whenever) lover?  What are your fave “go to” ingredients?  Have a fave homemade dressing recipe you’d like to share?  I don’t make enough here & I really need to change that!  I know they are SO easy!  Currently I’m stuck on a Feta Dill Greek Yogurt dressing from Litehouse…mix that with a little red wine vinegar & you’re golden!  It’s amazing!

Enjoy & Happy Monday!

xoxo – Jamie


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