Workout Wednesday


Happy Workout Wednesday!  As I mentioned in my first post, fitness has been a HUGE part of my life for many, many years!  I’ve bounced around from gym to gym, format to format, but I have been regularly exercising since I was in middle school!  Fast forward to life now & I know I NEED my daily workout to be a better wife, friend, mom, etc.  My workout is truly just part of a normal day here.  Setting a healthy example for my kiddies is SUPER important to me.

While I think I’ve “tried” almost ever kind of format out there (Spinning to TurboKick to Power Yoga & I even had a short stint teaching TRX classes!). Currently I’m in a very serious relationship with weights, HIIT training & even Crossfit-style workouts (although I do not do Crossfit).  This combination of workouts just “works” for my body (and soul).  As a self-proclaimed ex-cardio-addict, I’ve found that (heavy) weights do the trick.  I remember the days of basically chaining myself to an elliptical/treadmill or even taking multiple hour-long cardio classes with the only result being exhaustion and hunger with zero change physically.  Weights have made all the difference!

That said….sweating with my #fitfriends is truly my favorite “way” to workout.  I’ll pick a group fitness class over working out alone any day.  I frequent Les Mills Body Pump & Body Attack classes, bootcamp-style workouts & get the occasional run in when we have cooler temps here in the Midwest!  I guess I’m more of a “seasonal runner.”

What are your fave formats?  Let me know!  I’m curious!

Happy Workout Wednesday!

xoxo – Jamie


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