“About Me” Tuesday

The Family

As promised….you’re probably wondering who the heck I am, sooo here goes nothing!

My name is Jamie – I’m a midwestern wife, mommy (and 2nd year substitute teacher).  My hubby is Chris & my kiddies are Mac (8) & Parker (6).  I’m a lover of the following:

FAMILY – I will choose family time over anything, always.  I’m blessed with two very involved & supportive parents – my mom (“Mimi”) is my hero!  We’re also what I call a “golf family” – my hubby is an avid golfer & our son has been golfing since he could hold a club.  While I don’t play, I sure do love being on the course with the family & attending tournaments whenever they are in our neck of the woods.  I mean, have you ever seen Tiger Woods play in person?  It (was) magical.  Sigh.

FOOD – My kitchen is my favorite room in our house!  I love to cook & try new (healthy) recipes (and follow TONS of foodie blogs).  While I try to eat very paleo-style (for various reasons…some allergy related, some just because it makes me feel better), I stick to the basic “healthy” route for the entire family.  I’ll share new recipes and link you up to recipes frequently.  We are definitely a foodie family!  Our “Friday Night Pizza” has become quite a “thing” – my guest list on Friday evenings keeps growing!  I love it!

FITNESS – If you know me, even just a little bit, you also know that I have a true passion for fitness.  I have been an avid group fitness addict for YEARS and have yet to meet a format or class I haven’t loved (well, let’s not talk about PiYo).  Currently I have a very endearing relationship with weight training, along with tiny cardio sessions.  The more friends I can drag to the gym with me, the merrier!   There’s just something special about group fitness & #fitfriends.

FASHION – I’d love to say that I shop often, but the reality is I’m a serial “shopping cart-filler.”  I follow so many GREAT fashion blogs & Instagram accounts for style ideas….then, do my best to recreate them affordably.  What mom doesn’t lean on stores like Target, Old Navy & Nordstrom Rack?   And, let’s be honest…the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is probably one of my favorite times of the year (just around the corner, too)!!!

This is just a little sample of the things you’ll find on this blog.  While I love to write, I also LOVE posting on Instagram, please follow me over there too!  (@coffeeandcartwheels)

xoxo – Jamie


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