Why? & Welcome!

IMG_7277Hello!  First off, let me say that this blog has been deep within my thoughts for a VERY long time.  What kept me from moving forward, I admit, is rather lame, but in the spirit of being 100% honest….I was (really) scared!  How could I not be intimidated by SO MANY very professional blogs that I follow & gawk at on a daily basis? AND, let’s not even begin to talk about how I’d have to change my beloved Instagram account or Facebook page (hello – uncomfortable!!)  That said, we’re starting small….so small that I’m keeping a WordPress address indefinitely & we’ll just see how it goes.  So…..WHY start a blog?  Why not?  I mentioned this idea to my 6 year old daughter the other day & she immediately got excited (thinking we were going to become some of those funny kiddie YouTube channels she watches on her iPad!).  But once I explained the areas I wanted to focus on here on “our” blog (family, food, fitness, fashion & fun), she was full of ideas – even getting into setting themes for each day we post.  So, with this amount of enthusiasm, how could I NOT get this thing going?  Having my favorite mini business partner involved is just the icing on the cake!

Welcome, welcome to Coffee (because this mama of 2 can’t function without her 2 cups every morning) & Cartwheels (cartwheels because….#momlife of course).

Follow us – we’ll chat about family (our #1 here), food (we love new recipes & healthy cooking), fitness (a daily ritual), fashion (we love to dress up….affordably) & fun!  Stay tuned for the official “About Us” post coming soon!  Also, bear with this simple blog….it’s been a perfectionist’s worst nightmare! Not that I’m a perfectionist or anything……

xoxo –

Jamie & Park



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